Young Singer Rhema Marvanne’s Exciting But Tragic Childhood Is a Bittersweet Tale

Little Rhema Marvanne is still so young but she’s experienced and endured so much in the few amount of years she’s been with us. She’s seen the high and lows that life can deal a person already. Rhema developed a quite incredible singing voice from a very early age. Able to inject pathos, soul and meaning into lyrics that singers twenty years her senior cannot, she truly has a unique gift. Singing gospel, and with the help of her dad’s video camera, she quickly found fame online. Soon she was making TV appearances and melting hearts across America. But her joy soon turned to pain.

Rhema’s mother had been diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer when Rhema was only three years old. And with therapy, medication and her family around her, she fought bravely. But this battle wasn’t to last and she sadly passed. Rhema was devastated, but her positive response and amazing maturity need to be seen to be believed…


It is, of course, our job to teach and set good examples to children everywhere. But, every so often, we can learn from them too. Positive attitudes like Rhema’s can be so important in life.


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