Dad Films Daughter Every Week For 14 Years – See The INCREDIBLE Results!

When Frans Hofmeester’s daughter Lotte was born, he had a brilliant idea. It was for an ambitious art project that wouldn’t come to fruition until almost a decade and a half later. But it would be worth it. His idea? He would video his cute little progeny every week of her life for fifteen seconds and then, when she reached fourteen, he’d splice and edit all the footage together to create an amazing time lapse portrait. It took time, persuasion, patience and all the skills you need when dealing with babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers, but he managed it!

This makes for an amazing watch. Not only is it a wonderful dedication to how much he loves his daughter, it’s also a rare glimpse into the majesty – and mystery – of the ageing and growing up process. See what you think:


Proof that your kids grow up quick! Okay, not quite in four minutes, but it can feel like it. Treasure your moments with them.

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