Here at The Richmond Globe, we like to think we’re very much at the forefront of a modern media revolution. For too long have consumers had to swallow their news from a very select number of outlets; be it newspaper, radio or television. We’ve all had our world view created and maintained by a tiny amount of editors and directors and money men and it’s time for a change.

People have wised up to the truth and decided that they don’t want to have their thoughts and opinions formed by a handful or corporations and conglomerates. So they head online for their news. On the internet, news breaks quicker than anywhere else. And what’s more? It’s totally democratic now. You can tailor your input exactly to your tastes. You can now get your sports news specifically from the team you love. Looking for political news? Head to your favourite, unbiased and well-informed outlet. Global news? Don’t rely on on your local station – head straight to the country it’s happening in!

But if you ask us, there’s far too much bad news on TV and in papers. Sure, bad things happen every day and we should know what’s going on in the world. But good news, happy news, inspirational news stories… They’re all woefully under reported. Heart-warming stories and tales that show triumphs of the human spirit are every bit as important as the latest update on wars, civil unrest, famine and crime. If not, more so.

But it’s not just straight news we bring you, we throw in the odd story just for your entertainment too. Just to mix things up and, well, keep you entertained!

So stick with us – we break the latest good news stories.

At The Richmond Globe – Good News is Great News!