Miley Cyrus’ Nip Slip At The VMAs SHOCKS Viewers! (NSFW)

Nip Slip Miley Cyrus

So, it was the MTV VMAs recently. And yet again, Miley Cyrus was as the forefront of it all. There’s no Robin Thicke in a Beetlejuice costume this time, but the tongue-wagging former Hannah Montana’s still making headlines. There was the beef with Nicki Minaj – that’s a big enough story. But not only that – she FLASHED on live TV!

That’s right – live TV. We know that Miley’s not exactly embarrassed about showing off the goods, but we’ve never seen a flash like this before. In front of the cameras. We can’t work out if this is an accident or she’s getting involved in the whole #FreeTheNipple thing.

You’re not even reading this, are you? We know what you’re here to see. So have at it:
Not good enough for you? Okay, here’s an even better Vine of the nip slip for you:

Happy now? Sure you are.

You’re welcome.


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