How To Wake Up a Baby ‘Happy’!

Any parents reading this out there will know how temperamental young babies can be. Well, the mom in this clip seems to have stumbled upon the secret to how to wake up a sleeping baby and make sure they’re ‘Happy’ and not inclined to start crying… Well, either that or she’s just lucky enough to have the most good-natured little rugrat ever! Watch how lil’ Christian wakes up dancing to the beat when his ma puts her iPhone in his crib and plays Pharrell Williams’ smash hit song, ‘Happy‘. This is really something!


Babies know nothing of the stress we do as adults. But that doesn’t mean that we should feel weighed down by things and not be ‘Happy’ ourselves. Why not put on Pharrell’s song now and have a little dance of your own…? Go on, we won’t tell anyone!


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