Grieving Dad Sings To Dying Newborn Son Just After His Wife Dies Giving Birth…

Musician Chris Picco always used to play his favourite Beatles songs to his wife Ashley late at night. She used to love to hear him play. When Ashley told him she’d fallen pregnant, he was looking forward to playing his guitar to his kid. But their story was not to work out for Chris and Ashley. At 24 weeks, she was rushed to her local hospital in California for an emergency caesarean. Tragically, Ashley died. And their son, little Lennon, unfortunately fared no better. He was born with brain damage and other complications and only survived a short while after being born. Distraught, but determined to try and do whatever he could, Chris played and sang to his newborn son. Which seemed to sooth him.

Here he is playing The Beatles’ Blackbird:


What a sad story. We truly wish Chris the very best – our hearts go out to him.¬†Are you touched by this too? Please share Chris’¬†story and, if you feel like to, you can donate to the Ashley Picco Memorial Fund. Thanks.


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