Wonderful Video Of A Giraffe Being Born At Memphis Zoo!

Tamu Massif was born in Memphis, Tennessee – home of Elvis. His proud mom, Marilyn, was pretty wiped out after the birth, as you can expect. But the exhausted mom and newborn son weren’t in a hospital or a house, they were at Memphis zoo. They’re giraffes, you see. Visitors to the giraffe pen at the zoo were treated to a quite magnificent sight. The miracle of birth.

“Tamu is doing incredibly well,” said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs. “He’s happy and healthy. Marilyn is a great, experienced mother, so she’s taking this all in her stride.”

This video – while quite delightful – is pretty graphic. So do be warned!


Childbirth (or even ‘giraffebirth’!) is really quite magnificent – it’s always worth celebrating!


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