This Is What Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ Sounds Like When a Hilarious Mom Sings It!

If there are two things that parents of young children are very familiar with it’s the soundtrack to Disney’s Frozen and the idea of having to dedicate your life to picking up after your kids. The video we have for you below, from a very funny mom indeed from The Granger Community Church in Indiana, will really ring a bell with moms and dads across the world. She’s written and performed an hilarious parody version detailing the everyday frustrations she feels in her role as voluntary slave to her kids.

And it’s just too funny!

Lyrics include:

“Socks off white laundry mountain tonight, not a clean pair to be seen.”
“I said no, I said no. Don’t turn away and slam that door!” 
“Why is his Batman underwear here on the ground? Why can’t you put it in the laundry baskets all around?”
“Let it go, let it go, ’cause I’m their only mom. And here I am, and here I’ll stay, ’cause I’m their mom. That stuff never bothered me anyway…”


We feel your pain, Ma! And as the song says… Kids – they’re annoying at times but you just can’t help loving ’em!

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