Grandma Thought She Was Going To See A Regular Baby On The Sonogram, Instead She Saw This…

Seeing a baby for the first time on a sonogram (or ‘ultrasound’) machine is a very special moment for expectant parents and grandparents. The images, shown up after high powered sound waves are beamed – safely – into mommy’s bump can really help reassure the family that everything’s alright. But in this video here, things take a turn for the strange. A grandmother-to-be (who just so happens to be Jimmy Kimmel’s auntie…) had never seen a sonogram before. So she really had little idea what to expect. With her nephew¬†Jimmy in full-on trick mode and – with the help of his graphics team and a mocked up and HILARIOUS fake video of the little baby acting very odd indeed – things quickly got crazy!


A nice little reminder that, no matter what’s happening in yours and your family’s lives, there’s always time for a little fun!


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