Teacher Made Her Answer Her Phone In Class… He Soon Regrets His Decision

Schools all have certain rules that apply to all students, regardless of anything. But individual teachers will have their own ‘laws’ too. Like the macroeconomics professor in this clip we have for you here. His biggest bugbear is when his pupils’ cellphone ring in class. His solution? He makes them answer the call and have the discussion on loudspeaker, so as to shame them into switching their phones off in future. But his pupils have never much appreciated this special rule. So when April Fools’ Day came around this year, they decided to do something about it. This will make you laugh so hard!


Okay, so his ‘answer your cell’ policy might have been a little harsh. But let’s give it up to the guy, he knew how to handle a situation sensitively and he certainly has a great sense of humor!


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