Check Out The 86 Sq. Ft. Apartment That’s Totally Adorable!

It may well be the most romantic city on Earth, but Paris is one crowded and pricey place. That’s why only the very wealthiest of people can afford to live in the centre of it. So Parisians are having to get creative in order to remain in France’s capital city. One might imagine that 8 square meters (that’s just 86 sq. ft.) isn’t enough to live in, but you’d be surprised. Designers have managed to fit everything you need into this tiny – and, crucially, inexpensive – one-person apartment. There’s a bed, a kitchen area with a sink, a bathroom (including toilet and shower), a table and chairs, a closet and even some storage space!

It’s not for the claustrophobic, but it you like ‘compact’, you’ll love this…


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